A new daylily season is near, and we have great expectations, especially in the seedling field! We do not mulch, and we clean the beds, including dead foliage, in January. We try to bring in new plants in the late Fall, never Spring, so they can go through our cold winter. By being diligent we have avoided rust, and we hope to keep it that way!

Located in the southwestern part of the state, we can be at the beach in 4 hours or in the mountains for dinner in 1 hour. We are 1 hour from Charlotte and 1½ hours from Asheville. Our winters are cold, with rapid temperature changes of 30 or 40 degrees in a day. NC must be great as the number of retirees to the state continues to climb. NC is always second or third in the number of new out-of-state retirees. Guess which state sends us the most people? Florida!

You may request a catalog by sending $1.00 to our address below. Foreign customers send $5.00. You may deduct the catalog cost from your first order. We mail no catalogs after June 1st, as our bloom season has begun.

Van Sellers
Vic Santa Lucia
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