Our catalog listing has changed somewhat. We now try to see a cultivar before we buy, as we try to only purchase plants to use in our hybridizing programs. As a result, the catalog listing is smaller, but the "quality" of plants has risen. If you are ever unsure about any plant, ask - as we always list the details of each variety as registered by the hybridizer.

Each year we line out the garden in late July, August and September. We normally sell clumps, or whatever is there. Because of catalog deadlines, we make our "counts" in mid-October. If we think a particular variety is slow to increase and "might" be single divisions in the spring, we say so in the catalog. But, we really do not know, and oftentimes these "single divisions only" cultivars may be clumps by June. - Just wanted you to know.

Here at Iron Gate Gardens, we are so busy the early part of the season that we seldom have a lot of time to make crosses. The early bloom also tends to have more insect damage. As a result, our introductions tend to be medium to late season bloomers - with lots of "lates." The late-flowering ones extend the season and perform beautifully here. - This year 3 ML's and 5 L's.

The daylily 'Willie Lyles' (Kennedy .86), a pretty, late diploid, has been used considerably here in hybridizing. Our "Final" series of introductions are hybrids of 'Willie Lyles'. These will extend your bloom season. Also, strangely, these "late" bloomers have excellent foliage. Betty Harwood's Autumn Oddity ($10 in the garden) is the last cultivar to bloom here. We were in Caracas, Venezuela on Dec. 19, 1999, touring the city. You may recall the incessant rains continued for weeks (it stopped for several hours the day we were there.) The city is built high (3000 ft.) in the mountains, and as we traveled back down to our ship the heavy rains began again. The hillsides, which are covered with houses and shanties, began to erode and wash onto the highway. Our bus had to stop while the army cleared the road of mud and trees. This continued for the 20 miles back down to the port. That night the hillsides gave way completely and it is thought that over 20 thousand lives were lost and 150,000 were left homeless. A memorable, though tragic event, for such an "alive" and colorful city. We honor the city with our new cultivar 'Carnival In Caracas'.

An update on Van's rose collection:

The roses - Firstly, the Japanese Beetles raided us this season and prevented our having a fine rose display. We tried to spray them, but could not keep up with their numbers.

We added Rosa 'Rainbow Knockout', 'Julia Child', 'Betty Boop', and 'Scentimental'. 'Rainbow Knockout' appears to be as disease resistant as the other Knockouts. 'Julia Child' is a beautiful yellow and may replace 'Sunsprite' if it remains disease free. 'Scentimental' almost died but finally sent up a few canes, with beautiful red and white striped flowers.

So far we can highly recommend 'Knockout', 'Blushing Knockout', 'Pink Knockout', 'Double Knockout' (buy this one instead of 'Knockout'), 'Rainbow Knockout' and 'Ramblin' Red', a fabulous red climber. These were all bred by Bill Radler. Other recommendations are: 'Home Run', a beautiful red single; 'Lady Elsie May', clear rose-colored; 'Hot Cocoa', red-brown; 'Livin' Easy', yellow blush; and 'Mutablis', many colored blooms.

Some we have liked earlier ended up susceptible to Blackspot fungus, and no one here is going to spray for Blackspot!

Kiwi, our stray "Siamese-like" cat who appeared on our doorstep and became a keeper, had her litter of all male kittens. Ah - people begged, but we decided to keep all four! Now named, they are Snowflake, Wiggles, Tonto, and Coconut (Coco for short). A joy, all of them. We are sorry to report that Zeke passed away in mid summer of diabetes. But Spitz accepts the new herd, and even tolerates being bathed by the kittens. Check pictures - but remember that they are now seven months old.

Again this season we will have a large selection of daylilies for $10 each. Some are single or double divisions, but most are clumps. We have added many varieties to the list. These plants are only available in the garden.

If possible we encourage you to come to our Carolina Breakfast Club meetings. We meet 9:00 AM, the second Wednesday of each month at a different location for daylily chatter and camaraderie. E-mail for specific information.

For information about our Region 15 activities, go to our website at Thanks to Rebecca Board, our regional RVP, it is certainly one of the best regional websites. On this site you are able to obtain all regional news, including meetings, clubs, and garden reports.

Ordering Information:

Our shipping season runs from about April 1st until the first week of June. We accept no catalog orders after June 1st. Garden sales have then begun. We mail no catalogs after June 1st. Any requests received after June 1st will be honored the following year.

Club Orders:

Clubs are encouraged to call to receive details about orders and availability.

Garden Visiting:

We will be open from May 23th through July 15th. WE WILL BE OPEN FIVE DAYS A WEEK, Wednesday through Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM. We are closed Monday and Tuesday so that once again, we are able to visit other gardens during the bloom season. If you find it convenient to visit at another time, please call to be sure there will be someone here to help you, and the gates are open.

2271 County Line Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

We are located between Kings Mountain and Cherryville on Hwy. 216 (eight miles north of Kings Mountain and four miles south of Cherryville). We are about 10 miles north of I-85, depending on which exit you take from the interstate.

If you are coming north on I-85, it is easiest to exit at Hwy 216, marked "Kings Mountain" or "Kings Mountain Military Park." Continue north through downtown Kings Mountain on Hwy. 216 until you see the "Iron Gate Gardens" signs on the left.

If you are going south on I-85, take exit 10B, "74 West, Kings Mountain - Shelby." Continue for about 2.5 miles to the third exit. It will read "Cherryville-Kings Mountain, Hwy 216." Turn right (north) at the exit onto Hwy. 216 and travel about eight miles. Our signs will be on the left.

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