Did you notice our new "open" dates and hours? If you wish to visit at another time, please call us.

This is a great year to add to your daylily collection. We were only able to get half the garden lined out, so many varieties will be in clumps. You may have to help us dig the clumps!

We are always making changes here - display beds were reworked - and you must see Vic's new goldfish "lake." Van has decided to convert this "lake" to a catfish farm.

The Roses - firstly, the Japanese beetles raided us last season and prevented us from having a fine rose display. We tried to spray them but could not keep up with their numbers. This year ('08), the first display of blooms was magnificent, but the drought arrived. We can only water so much, and the roses stopped blooming.

We have added R. 'Rainbow Knockout', 'Julia Childs', 'Betty Boop', 'Scentimental', and 'Double Pink Knockout'. 'Julia Childs' is a beautiful yellow. 'Betty Boop' is so distinctive that even with a little black spot it is still worth growing. 'Double Pink Knockout' is outstanding.

So far, we can recommend 'Knockout', 'Double Knockout', 'Blushing Knockout', 'Pink Knockout', 'Double Pink Knockout', 'Lady Elsie May', 'Hot Cocoa', 'Livin' Easy', and 'Ramblin' Red', a magnificent climber.

We have established a mum collection, and they were magnificent in the fall. Reds are now really red. The variety of sizes, forms, and colors was unbelievable. Every garden should have a good mum display for fall color.

The work crew here - Snowflake, Tonto, Wiggles, and Coco send their greetings. Tonto, who "talks" constantly, lets us know about any "cat" problems or concerns. We now know a lot about the personalities of Siamese cats!

As usual, our '09 daylily introductions span the range - diploids and tetraploids, narrow petaled and wide, both ruffled and tailored, etc. Our cover picture of 'Carolina Dale' fails to show the intense red color of this cultivar. We think you will like it. 'Carnival In Aruba' has a variation on the colors in 'Carnival In Mexico' and 'Carnival In Caracas'. Also, it is a brighter color.

Our introductions have performed well here without mulching or special care. We hope they perform well for you.

Again, we invite you to visit NC. We also invite you to join us at one of our Carolina Breakfast Club meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. Email us for specific information.

For information about Region 15, North and South Carolina, go to our regional website at On this site you are able to view information about our regional officers and activities, club information and activities, hybridizer and garden galleries, and sources for daylilies. You will also find information about our Summer Regional Meeting hosted by the Upstate Daylily Club in Anderson, SC on June 12th and 13th, 2009.

Garden Visiting:

We will be open from May 27th through July 12th. WE WILL BE OPEN FIVE DAYS A WEEK, Wednesday through Sunday, 9 AM to 2 PM. We are closed Monday and Tuesday so that once again, we are able to visit other gardens during the bloom season. If you find it convenient to visit at another time, please call to be sure there will be someone here to help you, and the gates are open.

2271 County Line Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

We are located between Kings Mountain and Cherryville on Hwy. 216 (eight miles north of Kings Mountain and four miles south of Cherryville). We are about 10 miles north of I-85, depending on which exit you take from the interstate.

If you are coming north on I-85, it is easiest to exit at Hwy 216, marked "Kings Mountain" or "Kings Mountain Military Park." Continue north through downtown Kings Mountain on Hwy. 216 until you see the "Iron Gate Gardens" signs on the left.

If you are going south on I-85, take exit 10B, "74 West, Kings Mountain - Shelby." Continue for about 2.5 miles to the third exit. It will read "Cherryville-Kings Mountain, Hwy 216." Turn right (north) at the exit onto Hwy. 216 and travel about eight miles. Our signs will be on the left.

Ordering Information:

Our shipping season runs from about April 1st until the first week of June. We accept no catalog orders after June 1st. Garden sales have then begun. We mail no catalogs after June 1st. Any requests received after June 1st will be honored the following year.

Club Orders:

Clubs are encouraged to call to receive details about orders and availability.
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