Here, the early part of November, the leaves are falling and the evergreens shine in all their glory. The Sasanqua Camellias have had a late fall to show off their multitude of flowers. Some are now 20 feet tall or more. After all the summer heat, so many plants (and people!) take on a renewed burst of energy.

The daylilies were glorious during the summer bloom. Ample early rains enhanced the plants and flowers. Almost all blooms did what they were supposed to do.

We were extremely pleased with the performances of the 2012 introductions. Several, including 'Joyful Joyce', did not want to stop blooming. Mid-July came and we still had lots of bloom. Of course, we like later blooms. Early blooms have too much competition from trees, shrubs and other perennials which are in flower.

The 2012 introductions "speak," and some of them speak very loudly. For example, 'Jordan's Jazz', 'Joyful Joyce', and 'Late Starter' will hardly need name tags for identification! They are bright, very bright. All are exceptional re-bloomers, with 'Late Starter' sending up additional scapes into August.

All our selections are grown in full sun for several years prior to being lined out in the sales garden. Going from sun to partial shade sometimes results in a darker, more intense shades of color. We always recommend planting in full sun as we describe them in this condition.

'Two Views' gave us many seeds this summer, and we have great hopes for new, different, colors in doubles. We have grown a number of seedlings with this double/single effect. The doubling always makes you take notice.

Again this year, we have three diploid doubles, the "Party" series. All have rather good color, but we have raised the height of this group. This added height actually permits them to fit better into a perennial border.

As we continue to downsize, we have added more trees, shrubs and perennials to the garden. Also, Vic's koi/goldfish pond is beginning to look more inviting. It was completely redone this summer, and now has a more natural look. The fish come rushing to the edge as you walk by.

Our kitty, Snowflake - our only cat , remains with us. He helps us with all the chores in the garden in the morning, and naps in the afternoon. He comes out of hiding at 4 P.M. to be fed and safely locked up until 8 A.M. the next morning.

Beginning in 2014 we will be open to customers only by appointment. The AHS National Convention will be held in Ahseville, NC, and we plan to attend. It will be a grand convention - wonderful gardens with daylilies grown well. One garden alone - Bob Selman's Blue Ridge Daylilies - is worth the trip!

If you are interested in becoming more involved in learning about daylilies you can visit or join one or more of our local Daylily Clubs. Here are a few in our area:


Meetings: On the fourth Saturday of each month at 10:30 AM., at The Arts and Science Center on the S.A.L.T. Block in Hickory, NC. No regular meetings in December, June, July or August. We usually plan unofficial outings or social events for the off months. Membership dues are $10.00 per year for adults with youth members admitted free. Contact: Richard Garren at


Meetings: On the 2nd Sunday of each month at 2 P.M., at the County Courthouse Annex located at 289 N. Main St. in Rutherfordton, NC. No meetings in December and January. Dues are $10 per year. Contact: Nancy Womack at


Meetings: On the third Saturday of the month, at 9:00 A.M., at Carmel Presbyterian Church. The address is 2048 Carmel Road in Charlotte, NC. No meetings are held in June, July, August, or December. Dues are $10 annually for an individual, or $15 per year for a family. Contact: Mitchell Hagler at


Meeting: Usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. for breakfast and chatter at various venues. After breakfast we try to plan some activity like visits to gardens, arboretums, garden centers and greenhouses, slide shows, etc. No meetings in June, July, and August but member gardens are often on tour. This is an informal group with no dues or officers. Contact: Vic Santa Lucia or Van Sellers at or

UPCOMING CONVENTIONS for Region 15 - North and South Carolina !

The Regional meetings are a wonderful way to meet daylily enthusiasts from North and South Carolina. The Nationl Convention is a chance to meet daylily folks from other parts of the country, as well as Canada and Europe. So mark these dates on your calender and start planning now for a great vacation in Asheville in June 2014!

2012 Region 15 Summer Meeting - June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

  • The Catawba Valley Daylily Club presents "HEMS IN THE HILLS"
  • Headquarters will be the Quality Inn, Morganton, NC
  • Desert Bar and Plant auction on Friday night
  • - Bus tours of show gardens on Saturday (lunch included)
  • - Free Brunch at Slightly Different Nursery on Sunday for registered guests
  • Contact: Richard Garren at for more information

2014 AHS National Convention - June 25-28, 2014

  • Western North Carolina Daylily Club will host:
  • Land o.the Sky Presents ...Daylilies in the Blue Ridge
  • Headquarters will be the Crowne Plaza Resort, Asheville, NC
  • Contact: Janice Parker at or Libby Gallion at for information
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