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Iron Gate Gardens
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Kings Mountain, NC 28086

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2018 Price List

* denotes Diploid

(garden location)
A. D. LEWIS (Lewis) Red with a yellow green throat. FINE. $25 (C)
A PLACE IN THE SUN (Santa Lucia) Ruffled apricot . $15 (F)
ACROSS THE BORDER (Stamile) Cream yellow with a rose pink edge. $20 (D)
ALAMEDA EAST (Hensley) Lemon yellow with washed rose eye and rose picotee edge. $20 (C)
ALASKAN FROST* (Santa Lucia) Light cream-green yellow with tight ruffles. $35 (D, K)
ALIEN DNA (Selman) Lavender raspberry bitone with applique pattern. $25 (H)
ALL AMERICAN CHIEF (Sellers) Bright red; SPIDER-variant. $15 (E)
AMETHYST ICE (Selman) Orchid with lavender blue watermark and ruffled icy edge. $75 (B)
ANGELIQUE FRINGES (Klehm) Pastel melon with shark toothed edges. Choice. $15 (L)
ANNE MARIE LEWIS (Santa Lucia) Purple with a bluish eyezone . $20 (C, J)
ARIEL BENJAMIN (Hensley, D) Peach blend DOUBLE with a rose band. $15 (L)
ART ATTACK* (Santa Lucia) Ruffled raspberry rose with white midribs. $20 (B, D)
ASHEVILLE AFTER DARK (Selman) Raspberry pink with darker veins and plum eye. $100 (B)
ASHEVILLE SUNLIT RAINBOW (Selman) Cream with magenta watermark eye. $75 (E)
ASHEVILLE VAGABOND (Selman) Cream yellow with gold edge. $75 (E)
ASHEVILLE WHITE WINGED DOVE (Selman) Lavender with patterned watermark. $100 (E)
ASTERISK* (Lambert) Pale lavender Unusual Form with a greyish cast . $15 (I)
AUNT POLLY'S PADDLE (Carter, M) Bright yellow self with a green throat. $15 (K)
AWESOME LUCK (Stamile) Orange blend DOUBLE. $15 (G)
AZTEC PLAZA (Santa Lucia) Gold with a bronze overlay . $15 (D)
BALINESE SKIRTS (Santa Lucia) Vibrant orange red blend DOUBLE. $75 (D, K)
BALLERINA ON ICE (Santa Lucia) Near-white with ruffled gold edging. $15 (A)
BANDITO ROJO (Santa Lucia) Red with a darker eyezone. $15 (A)
BART ROBERTS (Stamile) Orchid rose with ruby eye above green throat. $40 (K)
BASS GIBSON (Rice, J) Orchid rose with ruby eye above green throat. $50 (K)
BEAR CUB (Whatley) Red with a white edge and a yellow throat . $20 (E)
BEAUTY IN MOTION* (Bennett, F) Ruffled peach pink with a darker halo. $15 (I)
BECKY ADAMS (Selman) Orchid with pale lavender blue watermark. $50 (E)
BELGIAN RED (Kirchhoff) Clear blue-red self. $15 (K)
BELLAGIO (Lewis, P) Clear red with a lighter watermark, and a yellow green throat. $150 (I)
BELLA NOTE (Stamile) Purple with a chartreuse edge and green throat. $40 (B)
BILTMORE DESIGN (Hensley) Ruffled red with lighter watermark. $20 (I)
BIG RED WAGON (Stamile ) Red with ruffled gold edge above a green throat . $35 (B)
BIGGER'S BETTER (Whatley) Red self. Fine. $25 (C)
BITTER FLAME (Santa Lucia) Bright vibrant orange-red with a darker orange eye. $25 (M)
BLESSING IN DISGUISE (Selman) Light magenta with lavender blue watermark. $50 (B)
BLOW TORCH (Santa Lucia) Orange with a huge circular red eye. $25 (A)
BLUES IN THE NIGHT* (Bennett, F) Pink rose with a darker edge, lavender rose eye. $20 (B)
BORN TO RUN (Stamile) Red with a gold edge and a slight lighter watermark. $20 (J)
BUENA FORTUNA (Hensley) Warm orange with rose overlay and darker rose vein. $50 (G)
BUNNY KISSES (Santa Lucia) Yellow DOUBLE with rose eye above green throat. $20 (J)
CAMERON'S CHARISMA (Santa Lucia) Orange crispate UF with a red eye. $20 (C)
CAMINO REAL (Sellers) Orange red with red eye and veining. $20 (C)
CAPTAIN MIGHTY (Santa Lucia) Medium red with a large red eye. $50 (E)
CARELESS DREAM* (Bennett, F) Ruffled yellow polychrome with yellow-gold eye. $20 (J)
CARNIVAL IN CARACAS (Santa Lucia) Orange with red eyezone and chevrons. $20 (C)
CARNIVAL IN MEXICO (Santa Lucia) Pale veined rose with very large deep red eye. $50 (M)
CAROLINA CARNIVAL (Santa Lucia) Light orange with red eye and chevrons. $100 (J)
CAROLINA DALE (Santa Lucia) Rich orange-red with a huge clear red eyezone. $25 (G)
CAROLINE'S CHARM (Santa Lucia) Rose purple with a lighter blue-rose halo. $20 (C)
CEYLON SILK (Santa Lucia) Rose and apricot DOUBLE. $75 (K)
CHANGING SEASONS (Bell) Rosy beige with a purple patterned eye. $20 (D)
CHANSON DE PAN* (Lambert) Lavender pink self with green star throat; spidery. $15 (I)
CHARLIE'S DREAM (Reckamp-Klehm) Light apricot pink self with yellow ruffles. $25 (L)
CHARLOTTE SHOUT (Santa Lucia) Bright red crispate UF with large yellow throat. $15 (A)
CHEROKEE BONFIRE (Hensley) Ruffled bright orange with yellow to green throat. $100 (K)
CHEROKEE MOON* (Joiner, J) Gold DOUBLE with a light red halo. $20 (C)
CHERRY ICE CREAM SMILE (Pierce, G) Rose red with white watermark and gold edge. $50 (L)
CHERRYVILLE (Santa Lucia) Bright ruffled red with a green throat. Single divisions. $75 (L)
CHICADEE COURT (Hensley) Ruffled grape purple with darker veins. $50 (B)
CHOSEN RULER (Sellers) Bright red. Excellent. $25 (F)
CHRISTMAS IN OZ* (Herrington, K) Pink with a red eye; UF Crispate-Cascade. $20 (E)
CITRIX (Stamile) Orange with a thin darker band that bleeds down to an olive throat. $25 (H)
CITY CENTER (Santa Lucia) Ruffled rose lavender with a blue lavender halo. $25 (I)
CLAUDINE'S CHARM (Sellers) Raspberry purple with a pale raspberry watermark. $25 (I)
CLEAR CHOICE (Santa Lucia) Bright ruffled yellow with a yellow-green throat. $100 (D, K)
CONFIDENT DESIGN (Santa Lucia) Cream with lavender eye and edge. $100 (D, K)
COPPER TIGER (Santa Lucia) Deep dark coppery brown with darker eye. $25 (M)
COVERT ACTION (Santa Lucia) Velvety red with slightly darker eye. $50 (M)
CREOLE MOON (Trimmer) Rose pink with red eye above green throat. $20 (B)
CRIMSON EDGINGS (Stamile) Near white with red edge. $35 (B)
DANCE AGAIN (Santa Lucia) Ruffled yellow-melon . $20 (B)
DAVE (Santa Lucia) Magenta purple with grey-purple eye and green-white throat. $60 (D, K)
DESERT FLAME (Santa Lucia) Orange red with wide slightly recurved petals. $20 (I)
DON LUIS (Santa Lucia) Ruffled lemon yellow. $25 (D)
DR JERROLD CORBETT (Stamile) Deep rose pink with a green edge. $25 (I)
DRAGON MOON (Santa Lucia) Ruffled orange with a darker eye and edge. $20 (C)
DRUMLINE (Santa Lucia) Orange with a bold red eye. $100 (F, L)
DUTCH YELLOW TRUFFLE (Kirchhoff) Yellow DOUBLE with rose-coral halo. $20 (H)
DYNAMITE BRIGHT (Santa Lucia) Orange with red eye above gold to green throat. $20 (F)
EDGED IN PINK (Stamile) Near white with rose pink edge. $20 (H)
EDITH MARIE* (Therrien) Medium pink with larger green throat. $50 (E)
EENIE WEENIE* (Aden) Yellow self with a green throat. $15 (B)
ENGLISH LAVENDER (Stamile) Lavender self . $20 (I)
EYE FOR DETAIL (Santa Lucia) Pale peach with magenta eye and edge. $50 (E)
EYE INTRIGUE (Sellers) Red with a darker red eye and edge, plus some fringing. $15 (A)
FANCY BORDER (Stamile) White with orchid pink edges. $20 (E, K)
FANCY LACE (Stamile) Near white with a gold edge . $40 (H)
FANTASTIC FRINGE (Salter) Cream white with tentacled edge above green throat. $30 (B)
FANTASY FRINGE (Stamile-Pierce, G) Orchid with violet eye and triple edging. $50 (B)
FASHION FRENZY* (Mercer) Gold self; excellent repeat bloomer. $15 (J)
FAST PLEASURE* (Bennett, F) Rosy red with a large yellow throat. $25 (I)
FINAL AFFAIR* (Santa Lucia) Light flesh pink with lighter midribs. $15 (E)
FINAL REWARD* (Santa Lucia) Rose with lighter midribs and a darker rose eyezone. $15 (A)
FIRE AGATE (Stamile) Red DOUBLE with thin white edging on segments . $15 (F)
FIRE CODE (Sellers) Bright red with lighter edges and darker eye. $80 (F, K)
FIREFLY FRENZY* (Joiner, J) Beautiful lemon drop DOUBLE; fragrant. $25
FLAMINGO DANCE* (Santa Lucia) Clear, bright flamingo pink DOUBLE. $20 (F)
FOOTHILLS FANTASY (Owen, P) Very bright orange with deep orange banded eye. $50 (J)
FORE (Carter, M) Red self . $ 15 (K)
FOREIGN LEGION* (Santa Lucia) Purple with a grey-purple chevron eye . $20 (A)
FOREST LIGHT* (Santa Lucia) Lemon yellow with a radiating green throat. $35 (D, K)
FREEDOM'S TRIUMPH (Carpenter, J) Light purple with watermark; yellow edges. $15 (C)
FRIEDA ALLEN JERRELL (Santa Lucia) Lavender pink with grey lavender watermark. $15 (C, E)
FRINGY (Stamile) Near white with chartreuse fringy edging. $30 (D)
GARDEN VALUE* (Santa Lucia) Beige yellow self with a green throat. LATE. $15 (D)
GET JIGGY (Stamile) Cream with multi-banded violet eye. $20 (L)
GOLD CARD (Santa Lucia) Rich gold with lighter edges above green throat. $25 (H)
GRAND PACIFIC (Trimmer) Near white with lavender edge. $25 (E, L)
GREAT WHITE (Stamile) Ivory cream self with green throat . $20 (A)
GREEN MYSTIQUE (Stamile) Pastel pink cream blend with green yellow ruffles. $20 (H)
GUADALAJARA (Carpenter, J) Very bright hot orange DOUBLE. $20 (J)
GUILTY BLUSH* (Santa Lucia) Cream yellow DOUBLE with reddish eyezone. $50 (K)
GYPSY LORE (Santa Lucia) Ruffled red with a slightly darker eye. $20 (E)
HALE AND HEARTY* (Bennett, F) Pale ruffled light rosy pink with darker halo. $20 (E)
HAPPY PILOT (Santa Lucia) Bright velvety ruffled red with a slightly darker eye. $20 (C)
HARD TO RESIST (Santa Lucia) Flaming orange self above apricot throat. $20 (F)
HOLY SOMBRERO (Hensley) Golden yellow with a lime green throat. $25 (M)
IMPLANTS (Santa Lucia) Rose lavender with huge light throat and light yellow teeth. $50 (I)
IRRESISTIBLE YOU (Santa Lucia) Red with ruffled gold wire edge. $80 (M)
JACK MACRITCHIE (Lewis) Velvety dark red with a faint lighter watermark. $20 (I)
JACK'S CHOICE (Carter, M) Lemony yellow . $15 (H)
JAVIER* (Santa Lucia) Rose red self. Fine late. $20 (H)
JEANIE HOLLISTER GETZ (Santa Lucia) Yellow with rose pink eye and double edge. $20 (C)
JIM'S PLACE (Sellers) Orange red with a darker red eyezone. $20 (A)
JOAN JONEN (Mercer) light orange with deeper orange eye. $50 (L)
JORDAN'S JAZZ (Santa Lucia) Large rose-red with a darker red eye. $50 (H, M)
JOYFUL JOYCE (Santa Lucia) Mauve rose with a yellow ruffled edge. $30 (C)
JUDY FARQUHAR (Stamile) Peach pink with ruffled yellow gold edges. $25 (C)
JUDY SMITH (Smith, F) Red velvet with a lighter eyezone. $15 (E)
JUST ANOTHER YELLOW (Hanson, C) Lemon yellow self. $20 (J)
KICK OUT THE JAMS* (Weston) Dark watermarked lavender UF crispate. $15 (F)
LA PARGUERA (Santa Lucia) Rose lavender with rose cream watermark and gold edge. $30 (K)
LAVENDER (Trimmer) Ivory with pink lavender edged. $50 (H)
LADY BE NICE (Santa Lucia) Ruffled pink with a touch of rose. $25 (E)
LARKSPUR BLUES (Stamile) Yellow with blue eye and double blue fuchsia edge. $25 (K)
LATE STARTER (Sellers) Orange with a huge red chevron. LATE. $30 (A, C)
LAVENDER PATCH (Santa Lucia) Lavender with lilac eye and edge; white throat. $100 (L)
LET IT RIDE* (Santa Lucia) Ashes of rose with darker veining and eye UF Crispate. $15
LIBBY GALLION (Hensley, D) Orange DOUBLE with red veins and lighter edge. $25 (J)
LIPSTICK SHADOW (Santa Lucia) Soft rose red with a darker red eyezone. $100 (D, K)
LIVE FROM NEW YORK (Santa Lucia) Ruffled orange red with huge burgundy eye. $100 (D, K)
LOVELY DIANE (Santa Lucia) Rose pink with a huge light rose pink watermark. $20 (C)
LUCKY DESIRE (Santa Lucia) Full, ruffled medium red with a very slight darker eye. $20 (M)
MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW (Stamile) Orchid cream with a huge wine eye and edge. $25 (J)
MAJESTIC FREEDOM (Santa Lucia) Yellow polychrome with ruffled gold edges. $20 (G)
MAKE-UP ARTIST (Sellers) Pink-cream with lighter blush and yellow edges. $50 (K, L)
MANDARIN CORSAGE (Stamile) Mandarin orange-red DOUBLE. $20 (I)
MARGARET TUCKER (Kirchhoff) Mango, peach and pink DOUBLE. $20 (I)
MASK OF ZORRO (Santa Lucia) Burgundy purple with a yellow to green throat. $20 (A)
MICHAEL MILLER (Stamile) White with a gold edge. Choice. $20 (E)
MILDRED GOBLE (Sellers) Beige pink with bubbly gold ruffled edges. $20 (J)
MILITARY SCHOOL* (Santa Lucia) Burgundy purple with a chevron patterned eye. $20 (E)
MINIATURE MIME* (Salter, E H) Ivory with a red eyezone and edging. $20 (F)
MISTER LUCKY (Sellers) Vivid red with a deeper red eyezone. $15 (E)
MISTY ALPS (Santa Lucia ) Rose-blushed lavender with narrow gold edge. $15 (C)
NATIONAL MOMENTO (Owen, P) Deep pink with darker halo and wire gold edge. $25 (B)
NATIVE COLORS (Santa Lucia) Medium yellow gold with darker ruffled edges. $100 (K)
NATIVE REFLECTION (Hensley) Purple with darker veins and blue eye . $35 (J)
NATURALLY GOLD (Santa Lucia) Very bright large ruffled gold . $15 (B, E,G)
NEPTUNE'S COLLAR (Santa Lucia) Rose lavender with a watermark and gold edge. $30 (C)
NET WORK* (Weston) Fuchsia and cream bicolor with bright veins. $20 (I)
NEW IN TOWN* (Santa Lucia) Yellow self with yellow throat. LATE. $15 (E)
NIGHT OF KNIGHTS (Santa Lucia) Purple with red undertones and green throat. $20 (E)
ONE FOR THE ROAD (Selman) Lavender orchid with purple-orchid eye. $125 (B)
ONYX EYE (Santa Lucia) Bright yellow with dark mahogany eye and edge. $20 (C)
ORANGE CITY (Trimmer) Orange with a large red eye and edging. $20 (D)
ORANGE GROVE (Stamile) Orange with red eye and red ruffles. $25 (E)
PACIFIC COAST (Trimmer) Pale lavender with dark edge above pale green throat . $25 (E)
PARROT MOON (Trimmer) Orange with a gold edge and chartreuse throat . $40 (I)
PARTY PLANNER* (Santa Lucia) Medium rose blend DOUBLE. $25 (K)
PARTY PRIZE* (Santa Lucia) Mauve purple DOUBLE with lighter ruffled edges. $20 (M)
PAUL CRANFORD (Santa Lucia) Orange red with a deep red eyezone. Late. $25 (B, H)
PAUL'S PERFECTION (Mercer) Yellow with strawberry rose eye and edge. $50 (B)
PEACH WHIP* (Santa Lucia) Pink apricot DOUBLE with a slight pink eye. $20 (C)
PENTHOUSE (Santa Lucia) Ruffled rose pink DOUBLE with apricot to green throat. $30 (F)
PICOTEE PRISM (Stamile-Pierce) Cream with triangle purple eye and edge. $50 (H)
PLAZA DEL SOL (Santa Lucia) Bright gold. $20 (E)
PLUM HARVEST* (Santa Lucia) Mulberry rose DOUBLE. $25 (L)
PLUM LUCKY* (Santa Lucia) Pale plum DOUBLE with a darker plum eyezone. $20 (C)
POLAR FIZZ* (Bennett) Full large pastel cream self. Choice. $20 (C)
QUEEN CHARLOTTE (Santa Lucia) Rose pink self above yellow green throat. $20 (C)
QUEEN OF GREEN (Trimmer) Pink with large triangular green throat. $50 (B)
RASPBERRY MOUNTAIN (Stamile) Cream with raspberry eye and edge. $35 (B)
RASPBERRY PRISM (Stamile) Cream with triangular raspberry eye above green throat. $60 (B)
REAL LADY (Sellers) Ruffled pale peach beige with lighter mid-ribs. $15 (D)
RED HOT AND BOOM (DeVito) Pink with a red eye and ruffled edge. $30 (J)
RED VENDETTA (Santa Lucia) Bright velvety red with dark velvety red eyezone. $20 (E)
REFORMA BOULEVARD (Sellers) Purple with a lighter watermark and purple eye. $15 (E)
REINDEER ANTLERS (Hensley, D) Red self . $15 (J)
RIVER CITY VALENTINE (Buntyn) Crimson red with an emerald green throat . $30 (C)
ROMEO PRINCE (Stamile-Pierce, G) Dark purple with watermark, gold beaded edging. $75 (I)
ROSE FLASH* (Santa Lucia) Rose DOUBLE with white midribs and throat. $15 (C)
ROSE STORM* (Santa Lucia) Deep rose self DOUBLE. $15 (C)
ROYAL EMPEROR (Smith, F) Bright red pink self with ruffled edge. $30 (F)
RUBY STORM (Stamile) Orchid rose with huge ruby eye and edge. $25 (F)
RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT (Klehm) Cream pink blend with gold ruffling. $20 (I)
SADDLE BLANKET (Santa Lucia) Golden burnished orange; thin darker band. $20 (G)
SANDRA HENSON (Hensley) Ruffled red with lighter watermark and gold rim. $15 (E)
SANTA CRUZ (Trimmer) Ruffled medium orange infused with green . $75 (K)
SERENGETI SUMMER (Sellers) Rose melon with gold ruffled edges. $15 (C)
SERVANDO (Hensley, D) Flat blood red with darker veins. Choice. $40 (I)
SHARE MY DREAMS (Sellers) Strawberry and flaming rose. $75 (C)
SHORES OF TIME (Stamile) Deep pink with a ruffled gold edge. $25 (L)
SILOAM GOLIATH* (Henry) Large light apricot with a yellow halo. Choice. $20 (E, F)
SILOAM GRADY LAMB* (Henry) Yellow self. $20 (I)
SILOAM JEAN HOGAN* (Henry) Pink with a darker pink eyezone. Best late. $20 (A)
SILOAM LEMON ICE* (Henry) Clear lemon yellow. $20 (F)
SILOAM RALPH HENRY* Large, full, round, flat, ruffled pale cream blushed pink. $20 (J)
SILVER HIGHLIGHTS* (Santa Lucia) Rose purple DOUBLE with silver edging. $20 (C)
SIR FRANCIS DRAKE (Stamile) Bright yellow with huge red eye and edge. $30 (B)
SLIGHTLY JEALOUS (Selman) Violet purple with lighter watermark; gold edge. $40 (L)
SMALL TOWN FLIRT* (Santa Lucia) Pink lavender with darker edge. $25 (C)
SMILING TIGER (Santa Lucia) Bright gold with sienna red eye. $25 (B)
SNOW CRYSTAL (Stamile) Near white with a gold edge. $25 (B)
SOCIAL LION (Sellers) Yellow with strong pink blush and gold ruffled edges. $15 (G)
SPARTANBURG (Hensley) Ruffled red with darker veins above yellow to green throat. $100 (G)
SPICE TRADE* (Santa Lucia) Bright rose nutmeg with a light orange watermark. $15 (A)
SPLIT ISSUE* (Santa Lucia) Plum purple BITONE with lighter sepals. $20 (D)
STAYING ALIVE (Pierce, G) Lavender pink with ruffled cream-chartreuse green edge. $50 (L)
STRAWBERRY LADY (Santa Lucia) Magenta rose with lighter rose watermark. $100 (L)
SUMMER BLOND (Sellers) Ruffled medium yellow with yellow gold edges. $100 (K)
SUNDAY SUNSHINE (Trimmer) Large waxy dark yellow . $20 (B)
TALLADEGA (Stamile) Rose red with white watermark and edge above green throat. $35 (B)
TETRA FRANCES JOINER (Joiner, E) Rose blend DOUBLE. $20 (L)
TETRA PEGGY JEFFCOAT (Joiner,J /Stamile) Pale yellow DOUBLE. $20 (A)
TETRA STELLA DE ORO (Jablonski) Gold. $15 (E)
TETRA WALTER'S TANGO (Marx-Hensley) Bright orange with bright red eye. $20 (B)
TETRA WILD ONE (Wild) Golden yellow brushed with coppery orange on edges. $15 (K)
THE DARK SIDE (Stamile-Pierce) Cream white base, black purple eye and edge. $35 (C)
THREE SEVENS (Santa Lucia) Red with a darker red eye. $100 (K)
TIPPED IN ROUGE (Stamile) Cream white with rouge red edge. $20 (L)
TOM LEONARD (Santa Lucia) Sculpted gold yellow with serrated ruffled edges. $35 (B, J)
TORRID DANCER* (Bennett) Brick red with cream white midrib. $25 (A)
TRICOLOR (Stamile) Orchid cream with a multicolored eye above a green throat. $20 (E)
TRIPLE SCORE (Santa Lucia) Rose lavender; darker eye; cream triangular pattern. $20 (H)
TWO VIEWS (Sellers) Rose with light watermark; yellow serrated edge, crispate sculpting. $35 (C)
VEIN PRETENDER (Hensley) Ruffled orange red with darker red eye and watermark. $75 (C)
VERA* (Santa Lucia) Cream blending into a darker pink, then a darker pink edging. $35 (B)
VIOLET ETCHING (Stamile) Mauve lavender with green teeth and throat . $30 (J)
VIOLET STAINED GLASS (Stamile-Pierce) Cream with a violet edge and eye . $35 (I)
WALTER KENNEDY (Stamile) Deep red with a darker red eye. $25 (E)
WHEN YOU GET TO ASHEVILLE (Selman) Rose pink with darker rose pink eye. $100 (E)
WHISPER OF GOLD (Santa Lucia) Yellow and light beige with darker eye. $100 (D, K)
WIDE AWAKE (Reckamp-Klehm) Rose pastel blend with gold ruffles and green throat. $25 (H)
WIGGED OUT* (Kropf-Sellers) Novelty plant with large balls of proliferations on top. $15 (F)
WILD CHERRY WINE* (Bennett) Reddish pink blend with darker edge. $20 (E)
WILD RHYTHM* (Bennett) Pink self with a dark green and yellow throat. $20 (J)
WISPY RAYS (Joiner) Pompeian red with ginger watermark and yellow green throat. $15 (K)
XYLOPHONE JAZZ (Stamile-Pierce) Orchid with fancy darker lavender eye pattern. $75 (E)
ZOCALO (Sellers) Bright red with a darker eyezone. $20 (K)
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